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White's Cross G.A.A.

Completed in Early 2022, we constructed a new all weather facility for White's Cross G.A.A. to cater for the growing club membership.


A new 2,800 M2 training pitch with center divide nets to split the area into three sections was constructed with sports rebound fencing and perimeter ball stop netting.


A new ball stop net on steel poles was incorporated into the fencing system to service the re-aligned main pitch also.

A new Philips LED lighting system was installed to the all weather to cater for all year round usage. 

Supplementary to the all weather we also carried out drainage work to the grass pitch and surrounds as well as extending the public walkway, installing street lighting to the walkway, extending the car park and upgrading the power connections for the clubhouse. 

To finish we re-aligned the main pitch and installed a new 40 meter long ball stop net 13 meters high on steel poles to the rear of the GAA goals.

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