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Sports Pitch Development

Maintenance for Artificial Grass Surfaces

The importance of maintaining artificial turf pitches is widely acknowledged throughout the sports industry, and the consequences of neglecting to do so have been well-documented.


Artificial Pitches need to be cleaned and maintained properly to ensure the best performance and safety qualities for players.


It is important to remember that a maintenance programme can be introduced at any stage in the life cycle of an artificial pitch, although the benefits are always most apparent when introduced from day one.


A programme of routine and specialist maintenance throughout the life of an artificial pitch can help to ensure its longevity and safety, as well as preserving its aesthetics and performance levels.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance package with every new pitch we install as well as maintaining a large number of existing artificial grass pitches and play areas.


We have specialist machinery which enables us to carry out operations such as brushing, cleaning, de-compaction and topping up in fill levels on all types of artificial grass surfaces.


We also provide treatment for algae and moss control on pitches to prevent deterioration of the drainage characteristics of the surface.

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