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We recently completed the redevelopment of St. Gobnait's Park for Mallow united.


Works completed included moving over 300 meters of overhead power lines underground and constructing new entrances for vehicle and pedestrian access as well as removal of all old trees and hedgerows from within the site.


New perimeter fencing and ESB substation was installed with an upgraded 3 phase power connection for the club. 

A 4,400m2 floodlit all weather facility was constructed to cater as a training facility for the large club membership and a new extended sand based soccer pitch was constructed below the existing clubhouse also.


The all weather facility has an integrated viewing area with low level fencing for parents and spectators as well as pitch dividers and retractable goalposts for 3 cross field pitches or the pitch as a whole. 

We completed a large amount of earthworks to re-profile the entire site to maximise the size available for the sand based pitch and training area.


A new storm water system was installed to serve the all weather, car parks and the grass pitch and a full primary and secondary drainage system was installed to ensure the surface is playable all year round. 

Lastly we installed a new floodlit car park to supplement the existing parking area and constructed a new pedestrian walkway for access to the public road. 

The all weather facility was opened in November 2020 with the grass pitch hosting its first game in Autumn 2021 with ongoing maintenance being carried out to keep the pitch in optimum condition. Many thanks to all involved in the club.

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